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Welcome to my web site.

NOTE: Site is currently under construction.

Most Site updates and changes will be posted to this page with marked dates of changes made.

Contact page 5/18/2010

ANY! IDEAS! HELP!!: Got an idea for a page? Know a cool HTML Code? See the "Résumé" page and email ideas to the email adress provided.

Comming Soon!:

NEWS AND EVENTS PAGE!!: This page will contain articles and information on Events, Concerts, Products I like and use,.. and so on.

Forums!!: This page will have simple forums pages for blogging and information on whatever anyone could ask. It will also have a live chat, but i am new to this whole programming and html thing still so i'm not a professional when it comes to this. Also there will be no user or member features because I do not have enough bandwidth allowence or storage space, but you should be able to make posts and replies under user input names (will be screened).

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